EyePatch Phone Cases for Camera Protection and Privacy


What is the EyePatch Case?

EyePatch is a simple solution to a complex problem.
At its core, it is a sleek and sturdy smartphone case.

The EyePatch switch
Our key feature is the fabric-lined EyePatch switch; a quick flick of this switch and your front and rear cameras are covered completely.

The interior of the EyePatch switch is coated with a fiber that wipes your camera clean with every flick of the switch.

The EyePatch switch does NOT cover the all-important sensors on your phone, allowing for full functionality while blocking the cameras.

Here are just two reasons why you should cover your camera

How many times are you wiping away smudges from your camera's lens? The EyePatch Case has a fiber interior which wipes your lens clean every time you open or close the lens cover.

Peace of Mind
Our EyePatch switch completely covers your camera. No more worries about snapping a photo at the wrong time or having someone access your camera when you don't want them to.