Hey EyePatch supporters. Mike here, the inventor and founder of EyePatch Case.

I created EyePatch Case back in 2015 and grew it with some level of success. Another company came along and offered to buy us, so I sold because I believed they would be a good steward for a great product. Things just didn't go as well as I would have liked, so I am taking the company back. With that said, the transfer of inventory and administration will take some time, and therefore I will need to place things on hold for a little while.


Stay tuned on social and here on our website for updates. Thank you for your support and patience. - Mike

EyePatch Case is a phone case for camera protection and privacy!

A unique phone case with a feature none other has; a sliding fabric-lined lens cap that wipes your lens clean every time you open or close the lens cover. A quick flick of the  switch and your front and rear cameras are covered completely.

Constantly wiping smudges from your camera's lens?

Privacy concerns? No problem!
EyePatch Case has you and your cameras covered.

Plus... it looks great!

The EyePatch's sleek tight-fitting design adds little weight and size to your phone. 

With different colors to choose from, make a statement!

Need a video demo? Check it out.