iPhone bug: The Unwitting Selfie Trick

Posted by Michael Sorrentino on

In the last week, I've had two people tell me about a trick that starts with a text from a friend or stranger that says something like, "See the camera button next to where you type? Hold it down and slide your finger up to the other camera button, then release it."

Accidental Selfie Trick

The trickster usually will promise something cool on the other side - like a never before seen emoticon or fun image filters. Instead, what happens is that the user snaps a photo from the front-facing iPhone camera and automatically sends to the trickster via SMS or iMessage.

An EyePatch Case customer told me just this weekend that he almost fell victim to this gag. While he was suspicious of the trick, curiosity lead him to give it a try. In the end, he just sent a photo of the interior of his EyePatch switch!

Have you seen this? It seems to have been around since the new iOS 8 update late 2014, but I haven't seen a fix from Apple for it yet - yet another reason to protect yourself with an EyePatch Case.

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