Assembling the EyePatch Case for iPhone 7 or iPhone 8

Posted by Michael Sorrentino on

It's finally here! The EyePatch Case for iPhones 7 and 8!

So, you've waited all this time, and it finally came in the mail. Now, how do I put the dang thing together? Here's how: 

There are 3 pieces. An front camera cover, a rear camera cover, and the rubber case "boot". 


FIRST, put the front camera cover on the top of your phone. 

SECOND, put the rear camera cover on top of it. You'll notice that the switch will slide right on top of the front camera cover.

(there's a little track under the switch, allowing them to work together) 


THIRD: slide the phone into the rubber "boot"

It might need a little adjusting to get it right, but once it's together it will work just perfectly.



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