EyePatch Case for iPhone XS Max

  • $ 39.99

Our new design consists of a hard plastic/rubber outer shell for durability and protection, a slim rubber lining, and a wider opening for your flash and front-facing camera. 

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EyePatch Case for iPhone Xs Max. 

This is our strongest and best case yet. A solid TPU rubber interior lining is protected by a hard plastic outer shell. 

Comes packaged with one “EyePatch” camera cover switch in black.

The front of the EyePatch Switch does not block the phone’s sensors, allowing your phone to remain fully functional while blocking the cameras! 

You are still able to use FaceID when the switch is closed. 

The rear of the EyePatch Switch never obstructs your flash - so you'll always have access to your iPhone's flashlight feature!

Lower palm grip for taking photos.

This case will allow you to charge your phone with compatible wireless charging bases.